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About Ike Jon Goldens

My favorite place is by the fire, with a hot drink, and reading a book with one of my Goldens snuggling with me.  

Our World

I love to be out in the wilderness, wearing a backpack and letting my Goldens run through the latest stream we have found.  Somedays I find myself at the beach, watching my Goldens run in and out of the waves.


Our Home

Other days I might be showing a dog at a dog show or I might just be home, working on chores and having my Golden be my shadow all day long.

Our First Golden

I didn't realize how much I loved dogs until I caved as a parent and got Annie for our girls.  Until then I had been a cat person, but Annie changed me.  I am forever a Golden girl.

After moving to the country a few years ago my husband and I decided we wanted to raise Goldens.  We wanted to share with the world the unconditional love that a Golden has.

Week 7 (22) E.jpg

Our Puppies

I love raising puppies!  I love everything there is about being a breeder.  But most of all, I love getting to know you, our puppy parents.  I love sending you pictures and updates as we journey together for the first few weeks of your puppy's life.  I love getting pictures back after your puppy leaves the nest.  

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