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Guardian Program

Would you like to join our breeding program and be the forever home of  one of our beautiful girls? If so, our Guardianship program might be for you. 

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How does this work?
Your puppy leaves us at 8 weeks and becomes a member of your family. Ownership remains with us and will be transferred to you once the dog retires from our breeding program.  the puppy becomes a member of your home and family, and comes back to us for breeding, whelping and weaning of puppies.  


Why do we offer guardianship homes?
Every English Golden Retriever deserves a loving home and individual attention. We want our English Goldens to thrive and be loved and to have their forever home early on in life.


What are the benefits for a Guardian Family?
Your English Golden Retriever puppy is the best of the best of our wonderful puppies.  This is an opportunity to partner with us.   


What are the requirements to be a Guardian Family?
We ask that you live within a 3 hour drive of Ike Jon Goldens.  That you have a fenced yard for the dog to play and or a plan of how to entertain/exercise your dog.  The dog needs to be fed Life Abundance food and NuVet Vitamins throughout their breeding career. We ask also that no other intact dogs be allowed in your home. Cooperation will be needed with driving when the dog comes into heat, and for whelping and weaning of puppies and health testing.  You need to be able to let your family dog come and stay with us for a number of weeks each year to raise their puppies


When and how long is a dog bred for?
We start breeding our girls around the age of 2 on their 2nd or 3rd season.  They typically come into season every 6 to 12 months and more than likely will be bred each season after their first litter of puppies.  We retire our girls around the age of 6 or sooner if we feel it best for the dog.  Each dog will typically have 5 or 6 litters.  The dog would come back to us to be bred (typically for 2 to 3 weeks).  She then returns to your home until around day 56 of her pregnancy (about 8 weeks).  She will give birth to her puppies about day 63 and remains with us until her puppies go home at 8 weeks of age, when she herself returns to your home.

Are there any other times that the dog will return to Ike Jon Goldens?
Yes.  Ike Jon will need access to your dog for their breeding health checks.  This would be about once a year around their birthday. There might be other times where we would ask to show your dog at a dog show.  We may also be available for vacation coverage for your puppy if they are unable to accompany you.

What medical care is provided by the Guardianship Home?
All medical costs that would normally occur for any pet would be your responsibility.  If the dog gets sick, we ask that you call us so we, as owner of the dog can be involved in the medical decisions.

Still Interested?
Then please contact us.  We would love to talk with your further


I'm always looking for new homes and have a couple of adult girls available at the moment as wells as 2 puppies from our Liberty Litter.

Let's connect.


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