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Health Tests

At Ike Jon Goldens we have a very rigorous health testing program that we put our dogs through before they can be a part of our breeding program.  We only breed the best of the best.  We start by testing their DNA and then move on to their eyes, hips, elbows and hearts.


Each puppy being considered for our breeding program has their DNA tested.  We swab their mouth and send the sample to Embark for analysis.  We test our puppies for over 200 diseases and use these results to make choices about who this puppy can be bred to



At around a year old we screen our potential puppies for Elbow dysplasia.   Then again, once the puppy has finished growing at 2 years of age we do a final screening.  To be a part of our breeding program each puppy must receive a normal result. All results are certified with OFA.


Cataracts can be common with Golden Retrievers and sometimes cannot be seen until later in age.  Therefore, we screen our dogs eyes with an eye specialist every year and the results are certified with OFA.


one of the traits that Golden Retrievers are screened for is their heart.  A dog can develop a murmur any time in their life so we screen our Goldens everyone.  Our Goldens love to visit our cardiologist and have an echocardiogram done.  We believe in the echocardiogram as small murmurs could be missed just by auscultation.

Hip Dysplasia

This is another big one for Golden Retrievers and we do our best to screen our dogs with the best method and technology there is.  Here at Ike Jon Goldens we use the PennHIP test to evaluate the hips of our dogs.  We feel that this is a more accurate evaluation than the standard because it is more objective than the OFA radiographs. The tests can be done at a younger age, allowing us to make more informed decisions about which dogs we would like in our breeding program. 


The Research:


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