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Past Litters



DOB 6/7/21

Meribell had 7 puppies and we named them from people who lived in the town of Bethlehem in the Bible.

Naomi, Abigail (our Abby), Zeruiah (our Zara), Eliab, Dahveed, Nethanel and Shimeah



DOB 07/02/22

Meribell's third and final litter was called Liberty and the puppies were named after famous people from the revolutionary war.  She had 9 puppies.

George and Martha Washington, Alexander Hamilton, Lady Lucy Knox, Margaret Barry Moore (Maggie), Elizabeth Burtin (Libby), Grace Calloway, Nancy Hart and Molly Pitcher

Day 45 (11).heic
111920 - Week 7 (94)-e.jpg

Friends of Paul

DOB 10/2/20

Our retired dog Valentina had 8 puppies and we named them after friends of Paul in the Bible.

Chloe, Jason, Luke, Timothy, Lydia, Claudia, Priscilla and Lois

111920 - Week 7 (3)-e - Copy.jpg
Week 8 (35).JPG


DOB 3-13-20

Meribell had 4 puppies and we named them after characters from the Isaac story in the Bible

Jacob, Esau, Eliezer and Rebekah (our Becky)

Arlo - 7 months (3).jpeg
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