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Annie's House

Our family had a wonderful Christmas present this year. Our Dogs moved into their new house on Christmas Eve, just in time for the nasty weather we were given over Christmas. We still have a couple of final inspections pending and the plumbing of the dog wash tub, but we are in.

It has been a long process! We started planning this kennel over 12 months ago and eventually settled on going with Horizon Structures. Back in June we drove to eastern Pennsylvania to visit the factory and placed the order, which then went on hold while we applied for zoning permission. Once obtained we applied for the building permit and then poured our foundation. November 23 was the big day the kennel arrived. It was fascinating to see the huge structure come off the truck and be wheeled up the driveway, then navigating the narrow passage between the dog yard and the blueberry bushes and then onto the foundation. It was mostly moved by remote control! I will share some video footage of this, but it happened after sunset so the pictures are very dark.

Each kennel space has a weather proof doggy door. The dogs use their noses to push the door open to go outside and to get back inside. It has been fun watching them learn this. Our superstar Gilbert got it in a couple of hours and he now jumps in and out like a yoyo when he sees me walking to the kennel. Parker got it next and a couple of days later Meribell. Becky believes that the door cannot let her back in unless I open it a half inch and that she can only get outside if she is in with Gilbert or Parker and follows them outside. Valentina and Lillian believe that the door can only open with a human touch! We will get there, but for now I open the door every 3 hours for them to take care of business. During the day the dogs (weather permitting) have been maintaining their play time in the yard and have continued to spend time in the house. Our biggest blessing from the kennel is that everyone in the house can now sleep past 5 am!

Enjoy this YouTube video of the building of Annie's House (named after our first Golden Retriever) and a Winter Wonderland on Christmas Day.


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