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Are we Pregnant?

I am very excited to share this update with you. It's been a long time coming!

After a dry spell of 12 months, I have some good news.

All of our girls have been in heat.

Lilly started it all and Abby followed a day later.. I wondered how long my other girls would hold out. Meri and Becky managed to wait 14 days! Zara didn't want to be left out and started a week after Meri and Becky.

Zara and Abby are too young to breed, so I was busy counting numbers, driving lots of miles and doing lots of blood tests with the other 3. We didn't want any misses this time round!

So here are the results from our ultrasounds today.

Meribell - Confirmed pregnant without a doubt! We saw at least 5 or 6 little sacs. She was bred with Composer's Mozart! He is a very stunning boy! I'll be setting up the puppy page on our website soon and will post a picture. Her due date is July 4 (so puppies would be going home at the end of August).

Becky - We think Becky is pregnant - but not totally 100% sure. Looks like it could be a slightly smaller litter than Meribell's. We will have boys only available from this litter. She was bred with Taz from Family Raised Goldens (watch for updates of pictures on our puppy page). And .... she has the same due date as Meribell - July 4. We will be having our own special fireworks this year! lol. Puppies would go home at the end of August.

That just leaves Lilly - Lilly was ready first and we bred her to our own Gilbert. Gilbert and Lilly love each other very much and Lilly is always covering him with kisses. So I waited each day for Lilly to say yes to Gilbert, but it wasn't happening. So before her time passed we artificially inseminated her. I was so surprised that she refused Gilbert. At her ultrasound today we think we saw 1 puppy, maybe 2? Her Due date is June 22 with the puppy(ies) going home mid August.

Lilly (Left) and Gilbert (Right)

Because we couldn't tell beyond a doubt with Lilly and Becky, we will be repeating the ultra sounds again next week.

If you are on our wait list for a puppy, I will be reaching out over the next couple of days to see if you are interested in one of the puppies.

We are so excited.


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