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Becky's First Dog Show

Last weekend on Sunday Becky took part in her first dog show and she did so well. We have been working up to this for a long time.

Becky and I have been training for this event. Becky is very intelligent and loves people and sometimes she can be over enthusiastic about greeting people. I didn’t want her to show this side of herself at a dog show. So, we trained together – a lot!

Also, Becky loves food and last fall I couldn’t show her because she needed to lose a few pounds. We worked on that together over the winter and she has reached her perfect weight of 68 lbs.

In building up to the dog show this past Sunday, I just felt that the missing piece was giving her some experience at a show without being in the ring. I couldn’t do that, but the next best thing was an obedience class at our local dog club. She breezed through the first couple of classes learning everything quickly. However, on the 4th of 6 classes, she decided to come into heat and dogs in heat are not allowed at the club. So there ended her class.

The last couple of weeks before the dog show were focused on breeding her – but more on that subject in my next update. Because of the breeding, I felt very unprepared for the show, but the entry had been submitted and we were going.

A complication for this show was that our daughter Melody graduated from University on the Friday afternoon of the same weekend. I couldn’t leave early and wanted to keep our Sabbath on Saturday, so Becky and I left for Pennsylvania at 10 pm Saturday night. We drove through the night (with a two-hour nap) and arrived at the show grounds at 8 am in the morning. Becky is a good traveler, so she got lots more sleep than I did.

I am proud to say that Becky was a model dog throughout the time spent at the show! She was so calm and walked beside me very nicely. She waited for her turn in the ring very patiently and trotted perfectly beside me. She let the Judge feel her all over. She was a pro, and it was like she had been doing it all her life. She got top score from both Judges and earned 2 out of 3 points towards her first title of National Champion or International Champion.

Its always fun to meet up with other breeders at the shows and my good friend, who also breed Golden Retrievers, was there. She showed her boy Firelight (from our Meri’s Bethlehem Litter). He did very well and earned a couple of puppy titles and made it as far as best puppy in the sporting group. Very proud of him.

Becky and I made it safely home late Sunday evening after my friend offered to drive my car home so I could sleep. I was very thankful that I didn’t have to get a hotel and spend extra time away from home.

I look forward to going to many more shows with Becky.

Becky enjoying her obedience class

Becky at the Dog Show


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