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Richard and Kaylene had often talked about owning a few Golden Retrievers to breed them, but the timing and location just did not work. This past summer, in August, they moved into their new house which is surrounded by ten acres. When Richard suggested the idea again, Kaylene agreed.

It wasn’t long before they welcomed Meribell, Valentina and Parker to their family. The first few days were very busy as Kaylene figured out their personalities and the logistics of having three young dogs to look after. Many adventures took place as Parker quickly learnt how to jump over a 2.5 ft barrier and a 4 ft high enclosure had to be built quickly for them to sleep in at night. One of their favorite things to do is to run into their kennel after a long day of play and curl up on their blankets.

Kaylene also had to make sure they all eat the food they were given and not food belonging to one of the others. They now eat in three separate spaces where Kaylene can see what they eat and measure it out appropriately.

Within no time we realized how different each of the dogs are as they showed us their sweet personalities.

Meribell is the oldest and will be 2 years old on Christmas day. She loves to be petted and as soon you start petting her, she lays down and puts her head in your lap. She loves her food and is the one to remember when her meals are supposed to take place. She and Kaylene have a routine of learning to sit patiently for her food, which she is getting very good at. She loves to run on her walks and to be up front. Being the eldest of the three she likes to be in front of them, and care for them by constantly checking behind her to make sure they are doing alright.

Valentina wants nothing else from you, but to hug you all day. She is 16 months, the darker of the three and also the smallest. As soon as you sit next to her she will cuddle up to and try to be as close as possible. She takes her time to eat and you can’t distract her while she is eating! She loves people so much that she will abandon her food for the sake of being petted. She is a very fast runner as well, when you throw the ball, she is almost always the first one to get it. Even though she likes running, she walks very well by your side so that you barely need to hold the leash.

Parker is the baby at only 8 months old and has a lot to learn. However, he is very intelligent and quick to learn what Kaylene teaches him. He has the sweetest face, but he can be mischievous, so don’t leave too much lying around for him to find. He is always ready to pose for the camera and whenever he hears the click of the shutter, he will run over to the camera to try and stick his face into it. He also loves to be right next to Kaylene and hangs back from the others when she sends them out to play and asks to stay with her.

Kaylene and Richard look forward to sharing their Golden Retrievers with you here and on Facebook and Instagram.


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