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Behind the Scenes

There has been a lot happening behind the scenes of Ike Jon Goldens and it is time to share.

Firstly, we are thrilled with how Meribell's last litter has gone out to the world. They all found very loving homes and I love getting updates. 2 of them in particular are going to have amazing lives. Maggie - now Jackie and Grace - now Emma. They went to live with Top Notch Service Dogs in Elkhart IN to be trained as potential service dogs. Evidently Emma loves to carry things in her mouth, and this can be used to as part of her service.

Secondly, Meribell has retired from breeding. She told us she was done and so she had her surgery. While we were looking for a home for her, her wonderful vet Dr Shaffer let us know that she would love to have her. I couldn't think of a better home for her, so after Labor Day she left for retirement. She lives with 4 other dogs one of which is a Golden.

This brings me to the biggest news. We have decided that Ike Jon Goldens will downsize, and Kaylene will work full time. Kaylene is now working for a non-profit company as an assistant account - Richard will join her soon as CFO. It is a big change! We are still enjoying our dogs and definitely plan to bring you more puppies in the future, just not as many as we had previously been planning.

So the difficult news. Abby and Zara will be leaving us. Next week Richard and I head out on vacation to South Dakota and Zara will join her new pack along the way. She will still be a breeding dog - but with Fox Ridge Goldens. We have come to know them well. They have the same breeding philosophy as us and we are excited for Zara and her new home. As far as Abigail - she passed all her breeding health checks, but we just don't feel right with her being a breeding girl. She has a shy personality, and she so much just wants to be the only dog in the family. We are looking for her forever home as a pet. If you have any interest, then please give us a call. She is currently 16 months old. She will need house training, but she has so much love to give.

I will sign off with my favorite picture of Abby and Zara (Zara on left, Abby on right)


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