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This is a hard post to write and I have imagined writing it many times. There is no easy way to say this, but we are closing our business.

I will be reaching out to our puppy families over the next few weeks to pass on my personal contact information so that I can continue to support our puppies.

It has been a hard decision, but we feel it is the best for our family. Back in September I started a job as an Accountant for a non-profit foundation. I am really enjoying it and want to focus full time. Unfortunately I cannot do that and raise Goldens.

Here is where we are at finding homes for our pack.

Meribell retired from breeding and now lives with her Vet. I have had a couple of updates and she is loving her new pack. Her special pal is another Golden that was rescued all the way from the country of Turkey.

Zara has settled in well with Fox Ridge Goldens and will continue to be a breeding girl.

Lilly has also gone to live with Fox Ridge Goldens. She is a shy girl and is still settling in. I am so glad she has her pal Zara with her.

Gilbert has a few breedings left as a stud (he is available for stud service) for the next year and then he will retire from breeding and remain in his guardian home as their dog. He is doing well.

Abby is still with us and we are looking for her forever home. All we ask is that there is a home out there that will love her and let her do life at her pace. She is cautious and shy, but when she warms up to new things she loves them. The only cost to her new home is a promise to spay her when she reaches 2 years old. If you are interested in making Abby a part of your family, then please contact me. She does well with our cat and other submissive dogs.

Becky is currently living with another breeder and has been bred. We are waiting to see if she is pregnant and to see if she can carry this litter (she miscarried last time). If there are any Becky lovers out there interested in a puppy from her, then let me know and I will put you in touch with the breeder. She was bred with Leo. Long term placement of Becky will be decided once we know if she will continue to be a breeding girl of if she will be a pet.

Leo has been living with Becky, but comes home in December. He is available as a breeding boy. He is fully health tested and has some good hips in his pedigree. Please contact me for information if you are interested in buying him as a breeding dog (he is 14 months old). His details can be found on our website.

So for now, I will sign off with some very fond memories of my babies.


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