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Disappointing News

Our new year brings disappointing news. Neither Meribell or Rebekah are pregnant, so no puppies at the end of the month. We are very sad about this as I am sure many of you on our wait list will be too. Hoping for better results next time round in another 8 or so months.

Now we wait for Lilly. She was last in heat 9.5 months ago, so she should show signs any time now.

The other day Richard and I loaded up the car with 4 dogs and enjoyed a nice walk through some woods. It was Zara's first walk with the big dogs. She has been doing so well with her leash training and was ready.

Gilbert smiling back at the camera

The trunk of the car was very full!

Sisters - Becky and Zara - Becky is a wiz at taking her nose loop

and Zara

Becky and Gilbert looking out of the window.

Meribell - leading her pack.

Wishing you all a Happy New Year.


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