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Hi Ike Jon family. It's good to be in touch with you all again. No, we don't have a girl in heat yet .... hoping to be able to say differently at the end of March, but we shall see.

I am thankful that we are getting to the other side of winter. February was brutal and the dogs didn't enjoy it much. Their play yard has either been too cold to play in, too icy or as it is right now - one big mud puddle! So we have been spending lots of time on walks instead, but they do miss their play time. Looking forward to building them a new yard soon behind the kennel with lots of shade trees for the summer.


Becky decided to have a little accident a few weeks ago. I was so happy that she finally got in the bath tub so I gave her a bath. I rubbed her off when we were done and put her back in her kennel to dry. I came back an hour later to put the dogs to bed for the night and found she had cut herself on her knee. I have no idea how that happened, but Richard drove us to Two by Two Animal Hospital and she had 3 staples. All is well and healed up now.


We also had to make a hard decision for our boys. We purchased Gilbert in addition to Parker because we wanted a boy that wasn't an icthyosis carrier. It has been hard having 2 intact full grown boys among so many girls. So we decided that we needed to downsize to 1 male dog. We had to do it objectively and so while Parker had very good hips, Gilbert has outstanding hips.

Parker left this past week-end for his new home. We are very sad, but he hit the jackpot. He is now a part of a family that have their 9 grandkids nearby and he will travel to Florida every winter! We are very happy for him.

Up Coming Puppies

We have decided to introduce the guardianship concept into our breeding program. I've made a page on our website and you can read all about it here. If you are interested, we will have a couple of girls available in the next litter or the one after. Otherwise, all our girls are sold in the next litter and possibly the one after. We still have boys available.

Well, hope to have good news about Meribell soon, as I need a puppy fix! :)


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