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Gilbert is Pining

We have 4 girls in heat and Gilbert is beside himself, poor boy. We have moved him into the house to keep him away from the girls and though he is loving all the attention, he would much rather be romping in the yard with his girls.

Meribell started it all, Becky followed 2 days later, then Lilly 1 day later and finally Tina 6 days after Meribell. We will not be breeding Tina and this is the first time for Lilly and Becky, so we won't be breeding them either. But we are breeding Meribell.

We are monitoring Meribell's progesterone level very closely and when the number is just right we will drive to Tennessee. She is going to be bred with Magnum of Dale Hollow Goldens . We will post about our adventure on Instagram and Facebook. We couldn't be more excited with the timing. Our daughter Melody is getting married on May 23, so we are able to have the trip to TN to breed Meri before it gets too busy and the due date of the puppies will be after May 23. We will also be keeping a number of girls, so if there is anyone who would like to join us with our guardianship program and have one of our girls live with them as their pet, take a look at our program.

During March, we enjoyed lots of wonderful walks together and lots of birthdays. Becky was 1 on the 13th, Lilly on the 23rd and Gilbert on the 31st. My puppies are all grown up! Here are a few pictures of us out and about and of Gilberts new digs in the house. He isn't used to crate sleeping - it is taking some training. Not there yet, but we will be soon.


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