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Integrating Becky into the Pack

Its been three weeks now since the puppies were adopted and during that time I have been working on integrating Becky into our pack. During the first week, Becky spent all her time with me in the house and didn’t interact much with the big dogs, especially out in the play yard. The three big dogs really know how to play and Becky just wasn’t big enough to keep up with them.

During the second week she had lots of play time outside with her mom Meri, while I kept Parker and Tina inside. Later in the week, I tried Becky with Tina and then Parker. It was beautiful to see the bond that grew between Parker and Becky. Parker is such a big teddy bear and he plays so well with her. Becky isn’t ready for all three dogs yet, and as she loves Parker so much I have been alternating Tina and Becky during play times outside. Meri, Parker and Becky love being out there and Tina is enjoying her one on one time with me inside.

For our training session with Patty’s Pack last week, we started working with Tina and Becky together on the command “place” (which I went into more detail during last week’s blog). I had been working with just Becky but Tina caught on very quickly.

Becky learnt to be a big girl this week and go down the stairs (she could already go up). She now weights 24 lbs and was getting too big to carry. So, we worked on it a little each day.

So now that Becky has integrated into play times in the play yard, she must learn how to enter and exit the yard just like the big dogs do. We have a specific way of doing it so that the dogs can lower their energy level before coming inside. The first step is for them to meet me calmly on the concrete pad outside the door and stay calm while I put their leash on. I then tell them “here”. That means, no moving off your spot until you hear “lets go”. You can see from the next series of pictures what happened the first time I trained Becky to do this.

First of all, I put the leashes on Meri and Parker, and then Becky. In the picture she isn’t being still and calm but is distracted scratching herself.

Next – she is running away, which isn’t allowed and Meri and Parker see what is happening and patiently wait for Becky to be ready.

Becky goes off into the corner – again, not allowed.

Trying again. Parker has sat long enough and decides to just lie down and wait. Becky is still moving around. To try and help Becky focus, I put her between Parker and Meri. Love this one of Becky and Meri. Kind of wishing Meri would put Becky in her place, but she is leaving it to me.

Finally! You see the nice loose leash on Becky? Now we are ready to go inside and eat supper.

I also did some more “place” training with Tina. I noticed that she loved the bed, so I bought one for her kennel (where she sleeps at night). Tina looks concerned in the pictures as she is focused on me, waiting for the “lets go” command so she can come and have some loving.

In a couple of weeks I will have some exciting news to share about Ike Jon Kennel. Till then, stay safe and keep loving on your dogs.


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