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Leo is for Sale

Dear Ike Jon Family

A quick update from the Ike Jon world. Leo and Becky are enjoying having all the space to themselves right now. They are loving their routine and the extra attention they are getting.

However, we have decided to just keep one dog as a family pet and that will be Becky. This means that Leo is for sale. If you would love to have a 16 month old house trained boy as part of your family, or know anyone who would want such a dog, then please feel free to pass on our contact information or contact us.

Leo is tall and slim and weighs 74 lbs. He loves cuddles, loves to go on walks and walks well on a leash. I have taught him to sit and weight to eat his food. He does well with any dog, is a very happy go lucky laid back boy. He loves our cat, but is rather enthusiastic about that love, so Emma hides from him.

He has passed all his health checks and will make a wonderful pet to any family.

In the pictures below Leo is #1 - on the right; #2 - on the right; #3 lying on the dog bed


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