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Merry Christmas

Dear Ike Jon Family,

We would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas and all of God's blessing during this holiday season.

We have a couple of updates for you.

Leo - Leonardo de Chelmsford

Leo is such a delight and we are thoroughly enjoying watching and helping him grow. He is getting weekly report cards out on our Facebook and Instagram accounts, so be sure to subscribe. We have had him 3 weeks now and he has doubled in size! Why do puppies have to grow so fast? Here is one of my favorite pictures so far.

When will we have puppies again?

I am sure that those of you on our wait list are wondering when we will have puppies again. Well I am happy to announce that we might have 2 pregnant Moms right now. They are Meribell and Becky. I have not confirmed their pregnancies. Once I have (January 14) I will be reaching out to everyone on our wait list. Their possible due dates are Jan 20 and Jan 21, which would mean gotcha days of Mar 17 and 18. Lilly is still holding out on us. I think she wants the puppy room to herself and has decided to wait for Meri and Beckys turns to pass.

I'll be updating our "puppy" page on the website shortly with a picture of the handsome stud Taz that has sired these two litters.

Our new puppy room

We didn't manage to get the new play yard finished before winter, but we have finished our puppy room. I am so excited to raise a litter of puppies without dealing with carpet!

A couple of pictures putting the room together. We enjoyed a number of trips to Ikea in Chicago for the furniture.


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