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Mommy thinks we're too cute

A whirlwind of 2 weeks have just passed since my last blog. The puppies are now 6 weeks old and we are excited that they have all found their forever homes. So what have the puppies been doing?

Besides listening to Mozart and a sound track they have been discovering new toys, a new space and took a trip to the vet where they were all found to be very healthy.

Jason trying out his balance

Chloe and Lydia sleeping

Lydia Queen of the play pen. This has been a favorite spot this week.

The new play space. Definitely needed and definitely loved!

They all did well with their car ride to the vet and with their vet check.

And now some puppy cuteness. Comment below to vote on your favorite.

Kennel Update

Our foundation is in and the Kennel arrives in less than 2 weeks! After it arrives we have to hook up water and electricity and install a dry well for grey water drainage. Still trying to get everything done before the ground freezes. A couple of pictures of the foundation.

And some cute pictures of our pack

Miss Lilly Fay

There is a special bond between Lilly and Gilbert.

From left to right Becky, Lilly, Gilbert, Meri and Parker


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