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Parker goes to the Vet

We have a very special vet – Two by Two Animal Hospital. They were so compassionate when our Annie died and I have been really excited to introduce them to our new pack. Today it was Parker’s turn.

Parker is a boy and boys love dirt! Parker is no exception, so I thought it best to give him a bath before leaving so that he would look his best to meet his new Vet. I therefore gathered my supplies and took them to our bathroom. Then I went to get Parker. He was excited to follow me into our bedroom, but when he saw I wanted him in the bathroom he went running. Oh dear! He ran straight for the shoes in the mud room, grabbed my snow boot and ran down the stairs to his kennel in the basement. Not a good start. I followed him, got my boot back, got him back upstairs and into my bedroom. This time I shut the bedroom door.

I decided to just start the shower and see what would happen. He got curious and followed me into the bathroom, but I did have to physically put him in the shower. Thankfully he didn’t fight it while the water was running. It took 4 towels to get him semi dry, but then he ran away from the hair dryer – so that didn’t work.

Once he was dried off I didn’t want Parker to get dirty again before leaving, so he was spoiled, spending the morning resting in my office with me. Besides trying to chew on a pen lid, he was a very good boy! The girls missed him though.

Parker behaved well in the car; he rides the best out of our three. He also behaved in the parking lot and in the waiting area. We were given an exam room very quickly and he settled down to wait. While we were waiting he was listening to noises in the corridor on one side and the lab on the other side. He kept cocking his head to the side. It was so cute.

The vet, Dr Holly Shaffer, gave him the all clear to start Heartguard and gave him lime disease vaccine and said how much she loved him. When Parker is old enough Two by Two Animal Hospital will x-ray his hips and elbows.

Parker was such a good boy; he was so calm and took it all in his stride and Two by Two can’t wait to meet Valentina and Meribell in a couple of weeks time.


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