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For a while now the dog trainer I work with, Patty of Patty’s Pack has been telling me about the value of the word “place” and that I need to teach it to my pack. So, this week I decided to try it with Becky. I particularly wanted to teach Becky not to cry when I put her in her crate. Patty mentioned to me that if she learnt “Place” it could teach her to have more distance from me and to be happy about that.

I found a blanket in the closet and put it on the floor where Becky likes to hang out with me in the office. The blanket didn’t work. All she wanted to do was chew it and I found it hard to keep her on it.

I remembered seeing a picture on Instagram of Patty teaching her dog place and the dog bed she was using to do so. Yesterday I bought the bed (shown in pictures below) and it made the whole teaching/learning process so much easier. It was the piece missing.

We are still a work in progress, but our success so far is that family worship last night and my own worship this morning were peaceful. I didn’t have to constantly stop Becky from nipping on my feet or chase after her to make sure she wasn’t peeing where she shouldn’t be (yes, working on house training too). Being on Place tires her out and brings her energy level down.

I wish I had listened to Patty sooner! Place is such a blessing and Becky loves it! I will be teaching it to all our dogs.

Here are my top ten reasons to teach the word “Place”

1. It will teach your dog not to run outside when you open your front door.

2. It can teach your dog not to jump up on the people you greet.

3. It will help your dog to sit quietly next to you when you want to read or watch television.

4. It will teach your dog that distance is OK from you and build their confidence.

5. It can help calm a dog by giving them something to do. It stimulates their brain concentration.

6. It will keep them in one spot by the back door to allow you to clean their muddy paws after being outside.

7. If your dog likes to chase the vacuum cleaner or the mop it can keep them in one spot while you clean the house.

8. It can help you get that perfect photo of your dog sitting by themselves.

9. If your dog doesn’t like to take a bath, the bathtub becomes the new place they need to get into.

10. It will help them stay in one spot at the Vet when they need to be weighed.

Here are some pictures of Becky learning “Place”. I needed to iron and didn’t want her chasing or chewing the cord.

Becky just got on the bed, she is thinking about what to do next

After a few attempts of trying to get off the bed, Becky realizes she needs to stay in place. Here she is looking at me for permission to get off.

I don’t give permission to get off, so she gives in for a little while and is content to stay on the bed.

I made it to the ironing board, and she is still on the bed.

Mom, I really don’t want to stay here on the bed. I want to chase that cord underneath you that keeps moving around! She then escaped and I proceeded to reset her on the bed and tell her place again.

Here she is after a few resets, she gave in and took a nap on the bed.


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