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Play, then Play, then more Play

We have been busy playing at our house. Lots of playing with the pack and lots of learning. Just wanted to share some pictures with you of what we have been up to.

Here is Parker during one of our walks. He loves being out and about. He gets very excited to get in the car when we leave, but he isn't fond of jumping. This means I have to help him get into the car. He puts his front paws up and then I have to lift all of the rest of him up - all 65 lbs of him! One day Parker ... maybe one day:)

A beautiful shot of our Valentina in the play yard. She loves to play, but she likes her own space. Just this week I saw that she didn't want to share the water bowl while she drank. She's such a cuddle bug with people though.

Since Lilly and Gilbert arrived, our little toddler slide has become the popular place! The puppies hide from each other under it. Lilly loves to stand on it and the big dogs sometime just have to stand back and watch from a distance as they are just too grown up for such things!:)

Puppies grow up to fast, especially our Becky. She doesn't like too much smothering, but I did manage to get her on my lap. Here she is on my lap and showing you her new "in training" gear. Something for her to wear when I take her places to learn new things so people will stand back and not touch her. She needs to learn to say hello politely and this will help.

And here they all are - well except for Valentina. From left to right Becky, Lilly, Meri, Parker and Gilbert. I am trying to learn all of their barks. I can tell them all apart except for Lilly and Gilbert, but it's coming. I realized this week that Lilly and Becky are cousins:)


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