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Puppy Nutrition

They are so cute and so cuddly, and I just love listening to the newborn baby sounds. Wherever I am in the house I can hear them, and I often stop what I am doing to go and have a cuddle with Valentina and of course a puppy.

The puppies are eating very well. Valentina needs to make a lot of milk to feed 8 puppies, so we are making sure she gets top nutrition. She has her Life Abundance dry kibble in her room for whenever she wants it along with wet food twice a day. She knows immediately when I have opened the can and lets me know to hurry up and give it to her. She also gets a multivitamin everyday to help the puppies bridge the gap until their immune system kicks in. If Momma is healthy then the babies will be healthy. I looked around for the best vitamin and would highly recommend NuVet. These vitamins do not have any sugars or fillers or artificial flavors. They also cold press the ingredients into their wafers instead of cooking the ingredients, which means that more of the nutrients remain after processing. I am positive it is helping Valentina produce ample milk for her puppies as evidenced by the fact that they have now doubled their birthweight in just 7 days!

I love taking pictures and what could make a cuter picture than newborn puppies, so enjoy my favorites.


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