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The Girls, The Boys and a Rainbow

I had so much fun yesterday taking the 3 week pictures of the puppies. They are growing and changing so much it is hard to keep up with them. I have updated the puppy page of our website with the new pictures, but here are the pictures of the girls. From left to right Chloe, Lydia, Claudia, Priscilla and Lois

and then the boys - left to right we have Timothy, Jason and Luke.

and the one we have wanted since they were born – all 8 of them lined up in a row in color order. There is always that 1 sibling that does not like to conform 😊 Chloe the first born. From left to right we have Chloe, Lydia, Claudia, Priscilla, Lois Timothy, Jason and Luke.

Over the last couple of weeks their ears and their eyes have opened, and they spend a little more time awake. They have started playing with each too. Every now and then I put some toys in their whelping box. Tina has been enjoying the toys too.

The puppies have also been listening to lots of Mozart. This is nice calming music and will help them to be calm puppies.

Our Pack

I have been out and about with our other 5 dogs too. We are loving the perfect walking weather and try to make the most of it. Parker and Meribell have been on lots of walks and the 3 sr puppies have been learning the first step of pack walking, which is learning to be calm when I open the trunk of the car and not jumping out. Here they are the first time we practiced it. They all rocked their first lesson.

First is Gilbert, then Lilly on his right and Becky below him.

Our Kennel

We have been busy finalizing with the subcontractors for the kennel and we might even break ground next week (depends on the weather). We are pushing up against winter and hope to have the Kennel up and running by mid December.


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