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The very good and the not so good

There was no blog on Friday as we woke up in the morning to the news that Fay Lillian (Lilly) Sanitacteam Day and Gilbert Sanitacteam Day have their flight reservations. They are arriving next week end and we are very excited. I spent my afternoon on Friday getting money wired to Serbia and contacting our Customs Broker at Chicago International Airport. Here are the first pictures we have of them. Gilbert seems to be about the same color as Becky, which is a little darker than Parker. He is the nephew of our Tina - so no puppies between those two! He was born 03/31/20. Lilly will have curly hair with a color between Meri and Tina. She was born on 03/23/20. So both are the same age as our Becky. This week we will have to prepare our kennels for their arrival.

The not so good news over the last couple of weeks is that our new kennel is held up due to the Corona Virus. Our property is zoned agriculture. As dogs are not livestock we have to apply to have a special use permit to have more than 6 dogs on our property and to have a building for them. It will mean a public hearing - which haven't been happening because of Covid. We are praying that they might resume meeting in August, but it is a wait and see situation now.

Here is a video of pack walking training with Meri, Tina and Parker


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