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Having just finished an afternoon of website updates, I realized a blog was well overdue, so here I am.

Abby and Zara (from our Bethlehem litter) are settling into Ike Jon life very well. They spend their nights out at the kennel, run wild in the yard around the kennel while the kennel is being cleaned and then settle into house life during the day. Their days are full of eating, naps, playing with each other and lots of training. So far they have played a little with Meribell and Gilbert.

Gilbert went to a show in Wisconsin this past Sunday and did really well. He earned 2 points towards a championship title. We go to another show in a couple of weeks where he will, hopefully, complete his title. Abby will also go with him to this show and is entered into the Baby Puppy class. Can't wait to see how she will do.

Leonoardo de Chelmsford is on his way! We are excited to announce a new boy coming in as a young hopeful who is not at all related to our Meribell and her offspring (Gilbert is nephew/cousin)! Leo, as he will be called, is receiving Kaylene's late fathers nick name as he was Leonard born in Chelmsford, England. More to come, but for now, he is expect to arrive on or about September 24.

Sadly, Valentina has moved to another home. Although she was an amazing Momma to her puppies, her body had a hard time recuperating, so we made the hard decision not to breed her again. We miss her everyday, but she is certainly enjoying life with some good friends of ours. She definitely does not miss the kennel and thrives having one on one attention.

So now, we are gearing up for the next few months. In September we are building a new play yard, attached to the kennel with lots more shade. In October we will be ripping up the carpet in the puppy room and laying down an engineered wood floor - such a needed upgrade! Hopefully this will all done before our girls come into heat again. We are guessing November/December for being in heat - births in Jan/Feb - to go to their forever homes March/April ..... but you never know what surprises these girls might bring. I am hoping and praying that they will at least space themselves out at bit so I can breath:)

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