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We celebrate Tina's Birthday and the arrival of Lillian and Gilbert

It has been a fun couple of weeks.  We celebrated Tina’s 2nd birthday by getting the garden hose out and filling the paddling pool.  Melody and I were laughing so hard at how Meri, Tina and Parker reacted.  They jumped so high and went right after the hose.  They weren’t a bit interested in the paddling pool so Becky had it all to herself.  Meri wanted the full force of the hose right in her mouth and we had to be careful she didn’t get too much!  Parker was happy just being at the end of the stream of water and feeling it sprinkle all over him.  They all got soaked and loved every minute.

Lilly and Gilbert have arrived and they are relaxing into our pack.  They are very bonded together, which is not surprising after flying together.  All six dogs are getting along very well.  Lilly and Gilbert are learning house training and if I don’t keep them on a schedule there are accidents.  Tuesday wasn’t a good day when I had to be gone for 4 hours but  I just focus on the progress.  They can now ascend and descend stairs; they can eat out of their own bowl inside their crate and they finish all the food I give them.  They are sleeping well at night tucked up in their crates. 

Their personalities are beginning to come out.  Gilbert is a sensitive soul and reminds me a lot of Tina.  He is very gentle and loves to be hugged and petted by people.  He is picking up on the leash training very quickly.

Lilly has a lot of personality.  She will lick you all over and bounce all over you too if you let her, though she still likes a hug now and again.  She is a sweetheart. 

Becky is quite a bit bigger than Lilly and Gilbert, even though they are around the same age, so I anticipate Becky being bigger as an adult.  Becky still has a ton of energy and I have to be careful to be very consistent with her and not give her an inch or she will take a yard.   She reminds me so much of Parker and those two just love each other and I always find them hanging out together. 

Enjoy this little video I put together


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