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Week 1 of Puppy Watch

We have been having so much fun here loving on the puppies. They are just so cute and cuddly and they have grown! They doubled their birth weight in 8 days! Momma Meribell’s milk must be amazing.😊

As Meribell had a C-section, we stayed with her 24/7 for the first few days and helped her through looking after her puppies. We bottle fed them every 2 hours for the first 36 hours so that Meribell could get the rest she needed. I was so thankful that Melody and Elijah were on spring break from University to help out.

On Tuesday, I stepped away from Meribell and the pups for an hour and sadly when I came back Isaac had died. We believe Meribell rolled on him when she got up out of the whelping box which is a common story when puppies are a few days old. Since then, we have been taking shifts to watch Meribell with the puppies all the time until they are older.

During the first week they have been doing lots of sucking, lots of sleeping, and lots of peeing and pooping! Their ears and eyes have not opened yet, but they are very good at using their noses! They can also scoot around on their bellies, by using their front legs to pull themselves. They are very good at climbing all over each other.

It was hard to pick just a few pictures, but here they are.

Rebekah asleep on my lap

Parker and Valentina can hear the puppies from their play yard and often come to the window to get a glimpse of the puppies.

So cute to watch their little tails wag while they suck

Meribell taking a nap while the puppies suck

Rebekah, Esau and Eliezer all cuddled up while I clean out their whelping box

Such Cuteness!

Sweet Jacob having a lap cuddle

Their paws are so soft. Rebekah and Eliezer are all black. Esau has 2 pink paws and Jacob

has 1 pink paw. So if their collars come off, I know who is who.


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