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Week 2 of Puppy Watch

Their eyes are open! Rebekah was the first to open her eyes and then Esau followed the next day. They were only open a little bit at first as you can see in the picture below.

By the end of the week they were wide open as Esau is showing us in the next picture here.

Momma Meribell continued to be attentive to her puppies and showed a lot of patience when they were especially hungry. They can climb all over and under each other as they reach for a nipple.

During one feed Esau crawled over to Momma's head and just lay there and fell asleep, it was so sweet.

I believe this is Jacob snuggled up on my lap in one of his many sleepy moments.

This is Eliezer. He likes to wriggle more than the others, but here he is in a quiet moment, putting up a paw to say hello.

And then Esau again. He also discovered his voice this week. A high pitched growl of some sort coming out of such a small furry ball can make you jump sometimes and then laugh.

Throughout the week their crawl became faster and faster and few times they managed to get their back legs under their belly to help them move along. The speed of their crawl was quite different when they were hungry compared to when their belly was full of milk, then they were quite slow.

It is so enjoyable to watch these little guys grow. Esau and Becky reached the 4 lb mark at 2 weeks old. Jacob was just shy of it and Eliezer a few ounces to go. We have stopped the daily weights now, so can't wait to see what they weigh in at on Friday when they are 3 weeks old.


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