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Week 3 of Puppy Watch

It was a big week for the puppies. Their ears are open, they mastered walking and they started playing together.

It was so much fun to see them start walking. They would wobble so much on their little feet, but they were determined to do it. In the clip below you can see the puppies walking and you can also see them playing together. They play mostly using their mouths.

Eating is a very central part of the puppies' day and they all enjoy it. You can tell they do by how much they are growing. They weighed at three weeks from 4 lbs 13 oz to 6 lbs 3 oz, which when you consider they were born at 1 lb 1 oz to 1 lb 5 oz, it is a huge growth for just 3 weeks.

I decided to get up to date pictures for the website as they have changed so much. I tried to pick a moment where they were all awake.

Esau - He was the first to get his picture taken, so was the most awake. He sat right up and looked straight into the camera.

Becky - she just loves using her voice

Jacob - he was so tired while I was taking his picture. You can see he is struggling to keep his eyes open.

Eliezer - always on the move, so its harder to get a picture.

The puppies are changing so much day by day and I already have a list of updates for next week, so stay tuned.


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