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Week 4 of Puppy Watch

Four little cuddle bugs lined up in a row. One falling asleep (Jacob), one falling out (Esau), one asking what are you doing to me (Rebekah), and one climbing over his other brothers (Eliezer). We tried a group shot this week. We started with them on the floor, but that didn't work, so we opted for a basket instead. We have noticed that Rebekah and Esau are partial to each other and Jacob and Eliezer are partial to each other.

I've included a picture of two of them asleep in a grey tote. I put them in the totes while I clean out the whelping box. They also came home from the Vet in a gray tote - all five of them. As you can see, we can now barely fit two of them. They have grown so much, their weights this week were: Eliezer 7.1 lbs, Jacob 7.5 lbs, Esau 7.9 lbs and Rebekah 8.9 lbs! Rebekah loves to eat, just like her Momma Meribell.

We have added a few toys for them to play with and they alternate between the toys and each other. Play times have extended a little this week, but sleeping is still what they do most of the time.

The big step this week - eating solid food. They started off ever so politely around the dish, but as the week went on they have started climbing over each other while eating. I watch them eat and repeatedly I take their paws out of the food. Eating must be tiring as there was a moment where two of them just fell asleep in the dish:) It was a very cute.

Jacob was picked yesterday:) His new name will be Ted and I think it is a perfect name for him, he has such a teddy bear face.


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