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Week 7 of Puppy Watch

The puppies have been busy this week. First there were lots of cuddles over the week end, then Tuesday they went to the Vet for a checkup, but the best of all was their first time outside. I got a little carried away with the camera:)

During the puppies last few weeks / days together as a litter it is beneficial for them to have lots of experiences. For instance, when we took them outside Rebekah was full of confidence. The boys hung back and watched and then copied. When we went to visit the Vet, Esau was able to see from Jacob and Eliezer that it isn't that scary to ride in a crate in the car. All of these experiences will help them adjust to their new homes.

We have one week left with the puppies. There are some very excited puppy parents getting ready for their new arrivals with lots of anticipation. The puppies leave us next week on Friday, May 8.


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