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Week 8 of Puppy Watch

Today is Gotcha Day! As I write this post Eliezer (Max) and Esau (Arlo) have already left and Jacob's (Ted) family are on the way to pick him up. Soon it will just be me and Rebekah.

We have had a fun last week. Monday we did our final photo shoot. Wednesday the puppies graduated to the big dog kennels as they decided they were strong enough to push their puppy barrier over. They loved sleeping next to the big dogs. They gained a lot more independence outside and had a great time exploring the play yard. But most of all, as do all Golden Retrievers, they loved to be held, petted and cuddled.

Here are just a few snap shots of our last week together. This is the final posting for puppy watch, but stay tuned for future postings about what we are up to over the summer.


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