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Weeks 5 & 6 of puppy watch

It has been a busy two weeks in the Ike Jon house. The puppies have been growing so fast (today's weights ranged from 11.4 lbs to 13 lbs), playing hard, and eating well. They got their microchips earlier this week and this morning they got their first immunization. Now that they have had this shot Meribell can go and play outside - which she is kind of happy about. I see her playing out there right now, but she frequently looks back through the window at me to make sure the puppies are ok. They are ok - sleeping well, after quite the commotion this morning.

They are six weeks old today, which is why it was time for their first immunization and another worm treatment. Their play area was very dirty this morning, so I took them out and put them back in their little white whelping box. Jacob fell asleep, but the other three were watching me intently. I cleaned up their corner and decided that I would give them their meds, one puppy at a time, as I put them back in the play area. However, Esau decided he had waited long enough and for the first time got out of the white box. I put him back. About thirty seconds later Becky decided she had waited long enough too and got out of the white box. Oh dear, I needed them contained while I did their meds. Then I noticed Meribell's crate - excellent place to keep them contained for a few minutes. Jacob was asleep, but I put the other three in the crate. Esau and Becky were not happy! I was ready for the first puppy, so I got Esau from the crate and gave him his meds. Meanwhile Becky let it be known to the whole house that she was not amused! We are keeping Becky - I see I have got lots of work to do with her - not to worry though. Parker was a lot of work to begin with but he is now the most loving and calmest of our three adult dogs. Becky, you and me will be spending lots of time together, and once you learn to trust me as your pack leader all will be well.

Esau wiggled for his shot and was happy to get back to the play area. Becky was very happy to get out of the crate and was even more happy to have her shot over and done with. I then went to get Eliezer out of the crate. But he didn't want to come out. He had gotten so sleepy, and he was just so content to stay there and go to sleep. He took his shot like a champ as did Jacob too.

Here are some pictures of our last two weeks.

This is their new play area and they love it. It is hard to clean up after them when they are in it as all they want me to do is to pick them up and have a cuddle or they want to play with my feet, so I have to move them out during cleaning time.

Right after it has been cleaned. The dish has some water for them. Most of the water gets spilled, but they have learned to drink it now.

I have used these four gray totes to contain the puppies while I clean their play area. Here is a picture of the last time I used them. As you can see - one of them has escaped! Probably Becky.

Exploring around the outside of their play area.

Eliezer (Dexter - same name as his Daddy:)) fast asleep in the food/water bowl

Esau (Arlo) asleep on the other side of the dish. Can you see his wet belly?

Jacob (Ted) also asleep with the blanket.

An evening at home where the puppies can get some lap cuddles. This is Jacob enjoying his.

Melody snapped this one of Becky. It has to be my favorite of her so far.

The boys have two more weeks with us before they move to their forever homes. It is going to be a fun filled two weeks as they explore more of their surroundings. I am sure it will include a few visits outside now that they have had their first immunization.


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